North Cascades Buddhist Priory is a contemplative Buddhist monastery in the Serene Reflection Meditation (Soto Zen) tradition. The Founder of North Cascades Buddhist Priory is Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett (d. 1996), whose Transmission of the contemplative Heart of Buddhism we aspire to continue. The abbot is Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg.

The priory consists of a monastic community, located in South Pierce County, and a lay congregation. Meditation groups meet regularly at the monastery and in Seattle. Buddhist festivals are celebrated at the monastery. The monastery offers overnight retreats for people who wish to seriously pursue the practice of Serene Reflection Meditation.

This website has audio recordings of Dharma talks given by Rev. Master Koshin. It also has articles written by members of the monastic community, as well as Rev. Master Koshin’s book on the Buddha’s detailed Teaching on karma and rebirth (dependent origination).

Rev. Master Koshin has created a website devoted to the "appreciation, understanding and dissemination of the teachings of Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett, especially as expressed in How to Grow a Lotus Blossom or How a Zen Buddhist Prepares for Death." The website's address

The monastic community does not use e-mail. To contact priests at the monastery, please telephone or write:

PO Box 650

McKenna, WA 98558

(360) 458-5075


Rev. Master Basil Singer

Seattle Dharma Refuge

(360) 349-8025

We recommend that people living on the Kitsap Peninsula who are interested in doing Serene Reflection Meditation contact Rev. Master Teigan Stevens, a priest in the same Transmission lineage as priests of the Priory. Rev. Master Teigan leads groups that meet regularly on Bainbridge Island and in Bremerton and Port Townsend.

Rev. Master Teigan Stevens

PO Box 10102

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-0102

(206) 855-0934

Please click here for information on ways of helping support the monks of North Cascades Buddhist Priory.


In December, 2012 we went online with the Jizo Spring Buddhist Supplies website: The mission of this website is to provide high quality products that help people practice meditation and also develop and sustain other aspects of Buddhist training. To access the website, please click the "Buddhist Supplies" button in the navigation menu on the left. also hosts a series or meditation instruction videos hosted by Rev. Master Koshin. Click here to see these videos. Or, click the "Instruction Videos" button in the navigation menu.